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Velma [Oct. 16th, 2009|11:26 pm]
Rip Velma :( Shes all cute and still!! Tom left her in the bathroom (still in the cage) So I could say goodbye (Bless him)
*pokes Toms LJ* Ditto on to why I havent been on the net much!!!
Also I cycled home about 20 mins ago and got a HUGE thorn stuck in my leg :( ok so its only about 1 cm! but it hurt

[User Picture]From: amyxox
2009-10-16 10:37 pm (UTC)
That is so sad :( I remembered when Meg and Millie died it broke my heart (I was like 12) Millie was the worst, she was so sick and crawled out of the little box she was lying in and lay on my leg and died :(:( Meg died in her sleep in her nest, I was still so dad. I'll be so upset when Trixie and Smokey die, I miss them when they're at my parents! I'm totally getting them out for cuddles now!

Owwwieeee, I feel you pain! My finger is bleeding so much it's oozing out the plaster, I feel so sick :( xox
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[User Picture]From: nat_elvo
2009-10-17 09:28 am (UTC)
It is sad :( shes just lied down and wouldnt drink or eat and when I tried to feed her food or water her face would just be still and I would nudge her and nothing happened :(

Your finger is well worse than my thorn! mine just bleed a bit the gross bit was pulling the thorn out :S
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[User Picture]From: holliemomo
2009-10-17 02:34 pm (UTC)
RIP Velma :( any poor Natty, nasty thorn!
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