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Natalie Edmondson

27 November
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Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

Deckleswood still is Love

Amethystwarren-invaded Deckleswood still is Love

Wicked is love.

Love may be doomed, but does not die.

Tom Welling is cool love~

i'm in gryffindor!

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User Number: 5142581
Date Created:2004-11-14
Number of Posts: 333

Natalie OR Nate, Natty, Gann, Tanny(tha), Molie and Lally. Age: 17 Bday: 22/11/87 Birth town: Crewe (for 12 years) Home Town: Nantwich (for 5 years)
Strengths: - Facial Expressions - Gossiping - Hiding Emotions from Most
Weaknesses: - Chocolate - Anything Cute Cuddly or Pink - Guys that talk to you like a person
Special Skills: - Being innocent - Pulling faces if asked to - Having an answer for everything
Weapons: - Bites - Uses verbal abuse - May attack if provoked
Quotes: - "Simple As" - "Don't know Don't care" - "Werido, Loser, Minger, WHA!"

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